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Get more out of every
piece of data

By turning one image into hundreds,
with variation and markup
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Examples of our work

Under the hood of this awesome stuff

Get as many different backgrounds as the neural network can generate.
Every background variation gives a boost to your dataset
Different angles for your posture.
32 camera angles at your service

Get everything from just a fraction

Use your data to 900%, turning one example into hundreds, with variation and markup. Refuse cartoon pictures for learning.
Why HumanPose?
Time and resource savings
Our service significantly reduces the time and effort required for data collection and labeling.
Why HumanPose?
Improved model accuracy
With larger volumes of data, you can create more accurate models and cover a wider range of corner cases.
Why HumanPose?
No confidentiality issues
By using synthetic data, problems with personal data confidentiality are eliminated.
Why HumanPose?
Flexibilityand scalability
You can choose the amount of data needed for your specific task and easily scale it as necessary.